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5 Benefits of Property Management in Jacksonville

System - Tuesday, June 15, 2021
Property Management Blog

Jacksonville is one of the fastest-growing cities in the country, with a population increase from 852,494 in 2014 to 911,507 in 2019. this makes it a prime location for investing in real estate. 

While it may be tempting to jump right in and start buying property, this isn't the smartest course of action. Instead, consider working with a local property manager for your real estate investing.

You'll enjoy these five benefits of property management services when you hire the right property manager in Jacksonville. 

1. Experience and Knowledge 

Experienced local property managers can bring a wealth of knowledge about the community. You simply can't replicate their knowledge base without years of property investing experience in Jacksonville. Working with a property manager gives you the inside track to their established network. 

They can advise you on the best neighborhoods, future planned projects, and ideal properties for investing. 

2. Marketing 

There's an art to property marketing that not all real estate investors understand. Your property manager will know how to best market homes for rent. They will perform a property analysis to determine an ideal rental rate and potential tenant. 

Established property managers will have relationships with quality real estate photographers. This helps your property listings to stand out. They'll then include quality written content and distribute the listing. 

3. Applicant Screening 

Thorough tenant screening is crucial for the financial success of your rental property investment. You need to choose a tenant that won't cause excessive damage while also paying the rent on time. 

A property manager will know the state and federal laws you're required to follow as the landlord. They can guide you through a comprehensive screening process to ensure legal compliance and the placement of an ideal tenant. 

4. Payment Processing 

Any experienced real estate investor will tell you that how you process tenant payments can directly affect whether or not your tenants pay on time. Residential and commercial landlords alike will tell you that online payment processing is the best method for rent collection. 

A sophisticated property manager will employ software that makes this possible. Your tenants will log into a portal to make their payments. This presents a professional image to your tenant and reduces the likelihood of them paying late or not paying at all. 

5. Eviction Procedures 

When you consider that 31.9% of the adult renters in Florida have no or slight confidence in their ability to make next month’s rent payment, evictions are a real possibility. No one wants to evict a tenant, but it's a necessary act to rescue your property investment when they are violating your lease. 

A skilled property manager can manage the eviction process for you. They will provide the tenant the required notices and file in the appropriate court. 

Enjoy the Benefits of Property Management

If you want to purchase investment property in Jacksonville, then you should consider working with a property manager. You'll have all of the benefits of a property management company to ensure your real estate investing efforts are a success. 

Contact our skilled team of property managers and experience these benefits for yourself.